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» [Biz] Holy crap there are a lot of games coming out in the next few months!
» [Biz] Watching the Olympics... after all it's some pretty old game design
» [Biz] Cool new nvidia drivers, i hope it fixes the crashes on Conan :(



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Poll: What is your favorite game genre? 
Game Design
Posted by bizfu on Friday, August 22, 2008 @ 13:58:04 PDT (398 reads)
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Announcements: Welcome! 
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Welcome to the new and improved!
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Posted by bizfu on Tuesday, May 01, 2007 @ 01:00:00 PDT (883 reads)
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News Feeds


: Potatoman Seeks the Troof coming to Steam this December

The creative minds at Pixeljam Games are gearing up for the Steam re-release of their challenging "potatosophical" platformer, Potatoman Seeks the Troof on December 3. It's been a while since a game trailer had me chuckling as hard as this one. Have a look, it's pretty damn amazing.

This version of Potatoman will feature a new rendering engine, more vibrant colors, a true fullscreen mode, controller support, and Steam achievements. Also, there's this description of the Toggle allToggle all- Delete selected New post embedNew post embed Video #56458 game: "In a world where the Troof is an unanswered question, Potatoman quests through the riddle. Through desert wastelands, thick forests, and dystopian cities: nothing is what it seems. With only his wits, his jump, and a question, Potatoman must potato forth through quirky and challenging platforming puzzles!"

When they say challenging, they're really not screwing around. I died so many times last night seeking my own Troof. Potatoman is very old-school in its unforgiving platforming, but the delightful soundtrack and quirky sense of humor made the experience well worth my time. It's pretty great.

Also, if you missed it before, our very own Editor-In-Chief Jonathan Holmes interviewed Rich Grillotti and Miles Tillman from Pixeljam last year. Have a look at all of them being awesome!

Potatoman Seeks the Troof coming to Steam this December screenshot


: Friday Night Fights: The blackest of Fridays

Happy Black Friday everyone! I know many of you are either in a food coma still or are out shopping, trying to find the bestest of best deals, so I'll keep this brief.

If you're out there shopping, stay safe. If you're working retail today, stay safer. If you're at home, enjoying leftovers while playing video games, well then, you win the day. From me and the rest of the Destructoid staff, we hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for being awesome.

Friday Night Fights: The blackest of Fridays screenshot


: Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires Will Not Feature English Voices

?Our studios have just confirmed that the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires will feature Japanese voice and English subtitles only,? Koei said.

Read Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires Will Not Feature English Voices on Siliconera!

: Sumoman Is Clumsy, Luckily He Can Rewind Time

Sumoman is a puzzle platformer that was chosen as one of the eight finalists in the IGF China 2014.

Read Sumoman Is Clumsy, Luckily He Can Rewind Time on Siliconera!

: You Can Play This Fast-Paced 2D Doujin Fighting Game For Free

Colors Party ~ Lost in Eater is a free, fast-paced 2D fighting game with eight playable characters and two game modes.

Read You Can Play This Fast-Paced 2D Doujin Fighting Game For Free on Siliconera!

: Luc Bernard's Reaper Renamed Death Tales, Now A PlayStation Vita Exclusive

Hand-drawn action-RPG Reaper has been renamed Death Tales and will now be a PS Vita and PS TV exclusive.

Read Luc Bernard's Reaper Renamed Death Tales, Now A PlayStation Vita Exclusive on Siliconera!

: Project Starship Revives Retro Arcade Bullet Hell With A Demo

Project Starship has scanlines, space, and a ridiculous number of bullets. It also has a demo for Windows that you can download.

Read Project Starship Revives Retro Arcade Bullet Hell With A Demo on Siliconera!

: Human Existence Is a Big, Sad Video Game in William Gibson's New Novel

Human Existence Is a Big, Sad Video Game in William Gibson's New Novel

Human beings are the most important ingredients in game design. Without the participation and attention of an actual person, games are just basically systems waiting for input. In the new novel by legendary science-fiction writer William Gibson, humans aren't just controlling disembodied avatars in made-up worlds. They're controlling each other, too, in the worst possible ways.


: Video Games Helped Me Say Goodbye To My Father

Video Games Helped Me Say Goodbye To My Father

A few days before my dad died in August, I got the call I'd been dreading from my mother. She told me it was time to come home for my dad's last days. I live in California, and they live in Alabama. I packed up my PS4, super slim PS3 and PS Vita?alas, my desktop PC was too big?and made the journey.


: Own Everything Avengers for Just $100

Own Everything Avengers for Just $100

Here's a great gift idea for Avengers fans; a box set with The Avengers, five lead-up films, and a secret bonus disc, all packaged in one of the coolest limited edition boxes I've ever seen. The set normally sells for $150+, and today's $100 deal is the lowest it's ever gone. [Amazon]


: A Shot-For-Shot Dissection Of All The Clues In The Star Wars Trailer

A Shot-For-Shot Dissection Of All The Clues In The Star Wars Trailer

J.J. Abrams has released the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and now that we're done screaming and crying all at once, we're ready to break this thing down. Behold our shot-for-shot, spoiler- and speculation-filled dissection of the new Star Wars trailer.


: Modern Games Could Learn A Lot From The Best Level In Half-Life

Modern Games Could Learn A Lot From The Best Level In Half-Life

I think Half-Life is one of the greatest video games of all time, which isn't a controversial opinion. Valve's 1998 debut rocked the gaming world. Many aspects of its design have yet to be topped. Nowhere is this more obvious than Half-Life's sixth level, Blast Pit.


: The Internet Reacts To Star Wars: The Force Awakens' First Trailer

The Internet Reacts To Star Wars: The Force Awakens' First Trailer

There was a ton anticipation around the new Star Wars trailer this morning?lots of people found themselves refreshing websites over and over just to watch the teaser. Unsurprisingly, now that the trailer is finally here, people have a lot to say about the new Star Wars movie.


: Super Joystiq Podcast 123: Persona Q, Tales from the Borderlands, Escape Dead Island

This week's Super Joystiq Podcast loves a good turkey warble sound effect. Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday/regular Friday! We are here to talk games --and Harry Potter-- but mostly games. Ludwig, Susan, Richard, and Anthony convene to discuss the re...

: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions review: Game cubed

PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Mac In 2008, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 was the ruler (pun intended) of Xbox Live. It riffed on Asteroids aptly, mixing simple, refined shoot-em-up with a hypnotic techno frenzy. Like a three-legged pub crawl ...

: Black Friday Joystiq Deals and Thanksgiveaway

Psssst, here's a secret: you can buy stuff on the internet now. Right! It's, like, a shocking surprise. So, instead of going out to your local retail location and getting trampled by the real housewives of suburbia, who are currently attempting to sa...

: News Post: Values

Tycho: As someone with experience in these matters - on both sides of the retail divide - Gabriel simply stays home for Black Friday. And it’s not because he doesn’t like to buy things. We discussed it all in the podcast you may absorb at some future date: he feels that the “deals” are illusory and that he doesn’t especially relish the thought of his heel on a retail worker’s trachea while he pours into the Consumer Battle Arena. He has been that motherfucker in there, the one with the human throat, and even if there is still a pitched melee with…


Gabe: Thanksgiving is tomorrow and that means Black Friday is just a day away. Brian has cooked up a pretty ridiculous assortment of Black Friday deals and it's my job to let you know about them. So I'll start with the stuff we've got. Christmas Pin Set - $29.99 A delightful seasonal pin set for the collector and/or trader. The Co-op Winning Tees - $19.99 Dabe’s first design as a full time PA employee and a great tee printed on a sweet, seasonally appropriate cranberry heather blank. Double Secret Boxes - $13.99 At last, the much-whispered-about Double Secret Boxes, each…

: 6 tips for success in the Chinese mobile game market

A quick guide to what it takes to make it in the Chinese mobile market -- from partnerships to localization tips and an explanation of what kinds of games Chinese users most enjoy. ...

: Surpringly popular silliness: Migi Osu, a game jam postmortem

"In an alcohol-induced epiphany we suddenly realised that we had a good game idea and the PewDiePie game jam happened to be on the same day, so we got prototyping." ...



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