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Poll: What is your favorite game genre? 
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Posted by bizfu on Friday, August 22, 2008 @ 13:58:04 PDT (592 reads)
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Posted by bizfu on Tuesday, May 01, 2007 @ 01:00:00 PDT (1117 reads)
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News Feeds


: There's No Downside To A Game Ditching Exclusivity

Quantum Break will never arrive on PlayStation 4, but PC owners can play it the same day as Xbox One owners. This has caused anxiety among some Xbox fans, prompting Microsoft executive Phil Spencer to digitally spar with passionate Xbox One owners. It's been fascinating to watch.


: The New Powerpuff Girls Aren't Taking Any Crap

Samurai Jack 's on his way back to TV. So are the Powerpuff Girls. Don't dare use the p-word around Townsville's cute crimefighters, though.


: The Original 151 Pokémon, Ranked

For some people, the first set of Pokémon designed by Game Freak might as well be the only Pokémon that exist.


: Assassin's Creed is skipping 2016, but Ubisoft says they've still got a full slate for the coming fi

Assassin's Creed is skipping 2016 , but Ubisoft says they've still got a full slate for the coming fiscal year. By March 2017, they say they'll release: Watch Dogs 2 (which we've reported is set in San Francisco ), For Honor, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and a brand new game ?with strong digital live services.?


: Mini Mario & Friends: Amiibo Challenge Shows Off Bowser Jr. And Rosalina

New footage gives us a glimpse at Bowser Jr. and Rosalina gameplay, as well as each character's unique ability, such as Bowser Jr.'s ability to walk on spikes, and how Rosalina can perform a super jump while standing next to a wall.

Read Mini Mario & Friends: Amiibo Challenge Shows Off Bowser Jr. And Rosalina on Siliconera!

: Final Fantasy XIV Preview Gives A Look Inside Alexander: Midas

A recent update posted on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone gives a preview of just a few things to expect from Alexander: Midas when the new raid releases with Patch 3.2 on February 23.

Read Final Fantasy XIV Preview Gives A Look Inside Alexander: Midas on Siliconera!

: Ubisoft takes a year off from releasing Assassin's Creed games

Ubisoft published a brief blog post today ahead of its latest earnings report to announce that it won't be releasing a major Assassin's Creed game this year as it is "reexamining" the franchise. ...

: Twitch's 10 most-watched games of 2015

Twitch's annual retrospective is now live, and it was quite a year for the video game streaming platform, which saw 1.7 million monthly broadcasters stream 459,366 years worth of video during 2015. ...

: Nintendo Download: Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty

After almost two years of waiting, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty is now available on the Wii U platform. Also on Wii U is Big Brain Academy, Kuru Kuru Kurrin, Polarium Advance, Cutie Clash, Cutie Pets Go Fishing, and Outside the Realm.

The 3DS is taking a backseat this week with a Petit Novel Series: Harvest December demo. I took the liberty of looking this one up by the way, and after inputting info in for an age gate on the Nintendo site, I found that it's a collection of 13 stories in visual novel form set in Japan. It actually has...a few okay reviews?

Nintendo Download: Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty screenshot


: Frozen Synapse 2 announced, going open world

Frozen Synapse took turn-based strategy and upended it with simultaneous action, and to this day there isn't much else like it (except maybe the American football-esque offshoot Frozen Cortex). There isn't much to the announcement of Frozen Synapse 2; all we have are the screenshot above, a music track by nervous_testpilot, and the vague description that it will be open world.

That's the part I have a little trouble wrapping my head around. The original Frozen Synapse was broken into discrete parts, such that each level was its own shooty puzzle to be solved. In an open world, a lot more can go wrong with the formula. It will be interesting to see how developer Mode 7 Games will tackle it. More information should come out in the next few weeks.

Frozen Synapse 2 announced, going open world screenshot

: Hideo Kojima has a YouTube show now

Hideo Kojima, finally free from the clutches of his previous publisher, has started a YouTube show called HideoTube, which I fully expect it to be hidden inside all of his upcoming games. In the first episode he talks about his top 10 movies of 2015, which is basically all I could ever ask for in an inaugural episode. Kojima has always been upfront about where he's gotten his Metal Gear influences from, and hearing him talk about film is a real treat.

I mean, this is a pretty amazing list overall. So many of these were damn good films (I still need to see The Intern, as even Tarantino gave it high praise recently), but I'm really surprised (and happy) that Kojima has Locke in at number four. A highly unconventional film, Locke is a drama that takes place entirely in a car, with Tom Hardy speaking to various people from his life on a speaker phone. That's the movie. Yet it managed to be one of my favorite Hardy flicks in recent memory. It's a tad older for most of us, but it's on his 2015 list as it was released in Japan last year.

Other choices are just as good, like Kingsman (which was far better than the trailers made it seem), Whiplash (probably the biggest surprise of 2014 for me, also just released in Japan last year), and the token Mad Max: Fury Road. Check out the full list below and feel free to disagree, but it's a well-rounded list regardless of your tastes, and helps explain why Kojima is so good at what he does -- he leaves no stone unturned, and has an open mind towards a wide variety of media.

Hideo Kojima has a YouTube show now screenshot


: Need for Speed is coming to PC with manual transmission

When Need for Speed heads to PC on March 15, 2016, it'll support manual transmission, and the oft-requested feature will also show up in a future update for the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Electronic Arts announced this morning. A sign of things to come for the series? Perhaps.

Ghost Games is calling this port the definitive version given its uncapped frame rate, support for resolutions up to 4K, and compatibility with select wheels from Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec.

It will launch with the Icons and Legends updates included, the latter of which re-balances the AI drivers to be less of a rubber-banding annoyance. Another content update, Showcase, is expected to surface on PC soon after the game's mid-March release.

EA hasn't divulged pricing details at this time.

Need for Speed is coming to PC with manual transmission screenshot


: Ubisoft confirms there won't be a new Assassin's Creed game this year

Kotaku was right. There won't be a new main entry in the Assassin's Creed series this year. Ubisoft is giving its flagship franchise a short breather, the publisher announced today.

In a post on UbiBlog, Ubisoft confirms the news in time for its most recent investors' report. "There will not be a new Assassin's Creed game in 2016," it reads. "We're taking this year to evolve the game mechanics and to make sure we're delivering on the promise of Assassin's Creed offering unique and memorable gameplay experiences that make history everyone's playground."

This break marks the first time the series has more than a year-long gap between main installments since the releases of the original Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed II in 2007 and 2009, respectively. But, just because there's no large-scale game this year doesn't mean there's no Assassin's Creed.

Ubisoft has already released two Assassin's Creed Chronicles titles this year, there's a mobile game getting a widespread launch later in February, and there's a movie coming in late December. And, there's still the remaining rumor that Ubisoft will release some sort of Assassin's Creed collection in the near future. If there was ever a year in which Ubisoft doesn't need a triple-A game to keep the series' brand recognition up, it's 2016.

Besides all that, what's next for Assassin's Creed? If Kotaku's report is to be believed, the next game will be set in Egypt. Kotaku has an awfully good track record when it comes to getting scoops about Ubisoft, so there's a decent chance that's true. But, Ubisoft will confirm things when it's ready, probably about a year from now if it's sticking to holiday releases.

A Message from the Assassin's Creed Team [Ubisoft]

Ubisoft confirms there won't be a new Assassin's Creed game this year screenshot

: Today's selection of articles from Kotaku's reader-run community: Smite, and My Athena · SeeBonnyDra

: Today's Best Deals: Sous Vide Circulator, Reebok Workout Gear, Apple TV, and More

The best Sous Vide cooker, Reebok workout gear, and the new Apple TV kick off Thursday's best deals. Bookmark Kinja Deals and follow us on Twitter to never miss a deal. Commerce Content is independent of Editorial and Advertising, and if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of the sale. Click here to learn more.


: This True American Hero Built a VR Version of Duck Hunt

Joseph Delgado is my new hero. The 21-year-old computer science student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, took his Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 and morphed the 8-bit NES classic into a virtual reality adventure. It looks super fun.


: It's Official: Assassin's Creed Is Skipping 2016

For the first time since 2009, Ubisoft will not release a big Assassin's Creed game this fall, the publisher said today. It's a huge shift for their tentpole series.


: Podcast: Why XCOM 2 Is Better Than Its Predecessor

Just what makes XCOM 2 so good? How does the branching work in Fire Emblem Fates? And is Valve even working on Half-Life 3? Those questions and much more, today on Kotaku Splitscreen.


: The New Wolverine Doesn't Care About Her Own Pain and That's a Problem

Laura Kinney isn't as unhinged as the alternate reality version of the man she was cloned from . She's not killing dudes before they actually do anything wrong. No, the woman who's slashing bad guys up as Wolverine has a different psychological tic: she keeps throwing herself into danger without a care.


: Meet Corrin's Child In The Latest Fire Emblem Fates Footage

The latest video from GameXplain gives us a look at the marriage and bonding aspects of the game, as well as meeting Corrin's child.

Read Meet Corrin's Child In The Latest Fire Emblem Fates Footage on Siliconera!



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