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» gamenotebook: I like most of Bioware's games, but as a huge fan of Baldur's Gate, I have to say Dragon Age PC is the first release since BG2 that nails it
» gamenotebook: Wow Uncharted 2 is impressive! Blockbuster story mode and solid multiplayer.
» gamenotebook: Holy crap there are a lot of games coming out in the next few months!
» gamenotebook: Watching the Olympics... after all it's some pretty old game design
» gamenotebook: Cool new nvidia drivers, i hope it fixes the crashes on Conan :(
» gamenotebook: Ok i switched over to RSS for more predictable display of twitter feed on site
» gamenotebook: Twit twit testing twitter
» gamenotebook: Ok, now its broken again ... Not funny
» gamenotebook: Lol, not enough fresh content to bother displaying
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Poll: What is your favorite game genre? 
Game Design
Posted by bizfu on Friday, August 22, 2008 @ 13:58:04 PDT (949 reads)
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Announcements: Welcome! 
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Welcome to the new and improved!
Thank you for stopping by.  Please bookmark us and check back often.

Posted by bizfu on Tuesday, May 01, 2007 @ 01:00:00 PDT (1446 reads)
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News Feeds


: Super Robot Wars X announced for 2018

During its previously announced stream this morning, Bandai Namco announced the newest entry into the Super Robot Wars franchise. Titled Super Robot Wars X, the mecha crossover will be releasing on March 29, 2018 in Japan, while a version with English subtitles will be released in Southeast Asia on April 26 the same year. The game will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Vita with physical and digital versions.

You can check out the trailer in all its glory below.

Super Robot Wars X announced for 2018 screenshot


: Playdead is bringing Inside to iOS on Friday

Playdead's captivating platform-adventure title Inside is on its way to iOS this Friday, December 15. The mobile version is open for pre-order, but the pricing isn't fully known; it's listed as "free."

For me, the first time through, it was an unforgettable experience. Inside had me after a few short seconds and didn't let go until I reached its astounding final moments that same night. Then I went through it all again. Finally, I got my sister to play because I just had to see how she'd take to it. (She, uh... she didn't care for the underwater segments with the super creepy you-know-what.)

Inside is too fresh on my mind for me to want to experience it again, but for those of you who haven't seen its horrors, gosh, I highly encourage getting on that. It should work fine on a phone or tablet.

My other advice? If you've managed to escape major spoilers this whole time, try to go in blind.

Inside [App Store via Wario64]

Playdead is bringing Inside to iOS on Friday screenshot

: Comments of the Week 28: Ring Ting Jing-a-Ling, Ding Dong Ding-a-Ling

Well hello all you fine fellows. Welcome to another edition of Comments of the Week. By now all the Thanksgiving leftovers should be gone and cleaned out and all the spoils from Black Friday/Cyber Monday have been enjoyed. Now the wait for the real holidays begins and whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Krampus, or any other holiday - or even none at all - we can all get together and agree that a month of Christmas Music on the radio is insufferable.

So let's all gather together, throw on a Tom Petty album instead and check out this week's comments.

Comments of the Week 28: Ring Ting Jing-a-Ling, Ding Dong Ding-a-Ling screenshot


: New Zealand says lootboxes 'do not meet the legal definition for gambling'

New Zealand's gambling regulator--the Gambling Compliance office of its Department of Internal Affairs--has told Gamasutra that "the Department is of the view that loot boxes do not meet the legal definition of gambling." ...

: Expect a fix for newly-gated content in Destiny 2 this week

It's always something! Following complaints that Bungie had locked Destiny 2 players out of previously-accessible content (including some related Achievements/Trophies) with the release of the game's Curse of Osiris expansion, the studio has explained how it intends to address this latest situation.

Bungie will issue a hotfix tomorrow with these changes:

  • The Prestige Leviathan Raid will be brought back down to Power 300, and its rewards will drop down to match the new Power Level. All players will regain access to the Prestige Raid.
    • This will allow access to "The Prestige" Achievement/Trophy for all players.
    • This will also allow all players ability to complete the final step for the Legend of Acrius Exotic Shotgun.
  • Trials of The Nine will only require Curse of Osiris when it features a Curse of Osiris map. For all other weeks, it will be available to all players.
    • This will allow access to "Lest Ye Be Judged" Achievement/Trophy for all players.
    • Trials of The Nine rewards that launched with Destiny 2 will still be accessible to all players.
    • New Seasonal Rewards that launched with Curse of Osiris, such as the new Seasonal Armor Ornaments, will require ownership of Curse of Osiris to acquire.
  • The Prestige Nightfall will remain a pinnacle activity, at the new 330 Power cap.
    • This means Prestige Nightfall will require ownership of Curse of Osiris.
    • Because of this, we will update "The Prestige" Achievement/Trophy to only reference The Prestige Raid.
    • Moving forward, we are investigating adding a 3rd difficulty to all Prestige activities, so that we can provide both a challenge that stays relevant with each new Expansion, and a Prestige version that is available to all players.
  • Normal Nightfall will only require Curse of Osiris when it features a Curse of Osiris map. For all other weeks it will be available to all players.
  • Time limited events – Iron Banner, Faction Rally, and The Dawning, will be made available to all players.
    • We will be postponing tomorrow's Faction Rally, to ensure all of our players can access the activity and the appropriate rewards.
    • Iron Banner and Faction Rally rewards that launched with Destiny 2 will still be accessible to all players.
    • New Seasonal Rewards that launch with Curse of Osiris, such as the new Seasonal Armor Ornaments, will require ownership of Curse of Osiris to acquire.

This is an improvement, but you can't help feeling like most of this mess was avoidable.

On a separate note, the team is adjusting the game-breakingly powerful Prometheus Lens. "Given the short window we had to make an emergency fix, it will be adjusted to be way too weak," Bungie said. "In January, this new Exotic will receive a proper, play-tested design pass."

Expansion and Season Access Update [Bungie]

Expect a fix for newly-gated content in Destiny 2 this week screenshot

: Xbox isn't the best place to play PUBG, but it's the most accessible

PUBG is a video game phenomenon without many parallels. It has sold more than 20 million copies in less than a year. It has smashed records for concurrent players on Steam. All that success in spite of the fact that it has only been available on one platform. And it isn't even a finished game yet.

The many people who have played PUBG can attest to the fact that it feels as if it were designed specifically for PC inputs. Conventional wisdom insists that shooters are better played on mouse and keyboard, but that isn't the crux of this argument. All the inventory management -- the menus, the dropping and dragging, the attaching and unattaching and attaching again -- it's all done through a flurry of clicks and swipes. Anyone with enough hours in PUBG knows the difference between efficient and inefficient inventorying. It comes long before the 170 hours my Steam account says I've played.

Xbox isn't the best place to play PUBG, but it's the most accessible screenshot


: Ubisoft Milan on the pitching process of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Ubisoft Milan's Dario Migliavacca and Davide Soliani discuss their experience working with Nintendo on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and the challenges of working with an established IP. ...

: The Walking Dead Season 8 Recap: 'How It's Gotta Be'

[Editor's Note: Before we say anything, this recap will obviously go into detail about last night's episode of The Walking Dead, so there are going to be a ton of SPOILERS. Beginning now.]

Season 8's mid-season finale put us on a high note, though perhaps not emotionally, as it ended with the type of sombre sobriety that epitomizes so much of the series. In terms of rapid developments and plot progressions however, it was great, with action jumping about wildly and things happening like you were reading The Cat in the Hat.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Recap: 'How It's Gotta Be' screenshot


: Ace Attorney Investigations is now available on iOS and Android

Basically all of the Phoenix Wright games have made the jump to mobile platforms, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that the Miles Edgeworth spin-off, Ace Attorney Investigations, is now available for download. Unlike all of the other ports, this doesn't seem to have been touched up with HD graphics, though maybe the portraits are sharper.

Even if they haven't been, the $11.99 asking price is pretty cheap compared to the roughly $30 the game is going for on Amazon. You can't beat that cheap admission. This could also potentially lead to a port of Ace Attorney Investigations 2, which has still yet to be officially released in English. I'm probably being too optimistic, but a mobile port of that would be neat.

Ace Attorney Investigations is now available on iOS and Android screenshot


: Open-world adventure One Piece: World Seeker coming next year

Bandai Namco has put out the first batch of screenshots for One Piece: World Seeker, a new open-world action-adventure for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One due for release in 2018.

This reveal falls on the lighter side, with few details other than what you can glean from the images. Speaking generally, the company says World Seeker will let players "wage battles in an expansive and seamless world filled with castles, cities, beaches, and more exciting and diverse locations."

I feel like the art direction will take some getting used to, but perhaps the characters and environments blend better in motion. Expect to see footage as soon as this weekend at Jump Festa in Japan.

Open-world adventure One Piece: World Seeker coming next year screenshot


: Soulcalibur VI gameplay footage features in producer interview

Over the weekend we heard the exciting news that Soulcalibur is sharpening its blade for a another round as Bandai Namco announced Soulcalibur VI. PlayStation sat down with game producer Motohiro Okubo to discuss the latest title in the now two-decades-old series.

In this video interview, Okubo discusses the development of the sequel, the thought-process that went into evolving the game's splendid visuals and Soulcalibur VI's "Reversal Edge" mechanic; a dramatic parry system that is new to the weapon-based fighter.

The gameplay footage on display features series' stalwarts Mitsurugi and Sophita having an extended sparring session. The Soulcalibur "feel" is definitely taking shape, in terms of movement, speed and precision striking, as well as displaying the strange mythology that embodies the characters, costumes and stages. Even at this early stage, Bandai Namco seem confident SCVI is a winner. I hope so too.

Soulcalibur VI is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2018.

Soulcalibur VI gameplay footage features in producer interview  screenshot


: I took gamer pills for a month and felt nothing

I've done a lot of dumb things for this job. I jumped off the top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas once. Last week, I rode on top of a tank. I've taken to actively seeking out ridiculous scenarios because those are more fun to write about. Straight-faced discourse gets boring from time to time.

That's why I leaped at a pitch we got for GodMode dietary supplements. These are another contender in the new market of nootropics. That means, in an ironically dumbed-down way, "smart drugs." They're the sort of supplements that come with taglines like "hack your brain," as they're full of ingredients that are said to enhance your cognitive and reflexive abilities. GodMode is one that's aggressive in designating itself specifically as a gamer pill, but there could be others out there.

And I truly believe they do what they say they will. The problem is that I felt none of it after taking the pills for a month.

I took gamer pills for a month and felt nothing screenshot


: Magical Headgear Makes For Charming Platforming With A Hat In Time

A Hat in Time, available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, will have players hopping through wild worlds while using the incredible powers of the hats they make.

Read Magical Headgear Makes For Charming Platforming With A Hat In Time on Siliconera!

: Become A Wolf Saving Your Cub In Stealth Game Nocturnal Hunt

Players control a wolf in a world filled with hunters, stalking them by tracing tracks and following scents until you find your missing cub.

Read Become A Wolf Saving Your Cub In Stealth Game Nocturnal Hunt on Siliconera!

: DJMax Respect's Western Version Won't Miss Out On Any Content From Japan Or Asia

We recently learned that DJMax Respect is headed Westward, and Siliconera spoke with producer Seung-Chul Baek of Rocky Studio who had more to share on the US version of the game at PSX 2017.

Read DJMax Respect's Western Version Won't Miss Out On Any Content From Japan Or Asia on Siliconera!

: Video: The making of Little Inferno

In this 2014 GDC session, Tomorrow Corporation's Kyle Gray discusses the development process of Little Inferno. ...

: Kojima makes sense of the new Death Stranding trailer

The last several days have been rich with theories for Death Stranding as fans continue to single out details from the most recent showing and try to compare and contrast them with clues hiding in previous trailers. I'm not sure I am any closer to understanding this video game in which a baby inside of Norman Reedus gives a thumbs up, but that kind of doesn't matter. I'm happily along for the ride.

In an interview with IGN, director Hideo Kojima was surprisingly forthcoming with new insights.

"Death will never pull you out of the game," he says, noting that the surreal underwater sequence from the latest trailer is where players go when they die. While here, you'll be able to explore outside of your body from a first-person perspective. "At that point, you're not dead or alive. It's the equivalent of that screen that says 'Continue?' and a counter ticking down towards zero."

Continuing that train of thought, Kojima explained how "in the trailer, you saw the crater, and when you come back, it's still there. Most games would've taken you back to before the crater was made. So depending on the player, you might have a lot of craters all over the place -- depends on each player."

The biggest surprise, at least for me, is the mention of "Timefall," a sort of otherworldly rain. It's what made the plants grow and shrivel, and also what rapidly aged the crushed man in the trailer. In retrospect, it seems so clear. "Most people in the game are aware of the rain -- and well, Norman is quite unique in this regard," said Kojima. "I think I should stop there. I'm spilling the beans."

It's worth reading the full interview for even more details about where the newest footage falls chronologically speaking (it's early on in Death Stranding) and what's up with the baby (it apparently "relates to game mechanics as well as the story as a whole"). As for what's next, the team is "waiting for the right moment to show gameplay, but right now we're on track with the project."

Kojima Explains Death Stranding Gameplay and Lore [IGN]

Kojima makes sense of the new Death Stranding trailer screenshot

: Monster Hunter: World will get new monsters after release

Speaking to Famitsu, Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer of Capcom's upcoming Monster Hunter: World, confirmed that there are plans to add more monsters to the in-game world, post-release.

Although he originally touched upon the possibility of these free additions to the huge menagerie of monsters speaking at PlayStation Experience, Tsujimoto confirmed the plans when speaking to the Japanese publication later in the weekend.

"We are thinking about free, post-launch updates for Monster Hunter: World. What I can specifically say is that we plan to (add) new monsters and such, in hopes that users play for a long time," said Tsujimoto. "As for what kind of monsters will be added and so on, information will be shared later on, so please look forward to it."

Capcom have had a pretty good week for news. A handful of exciting Mega Man announcements hit a few days back, followed up by the reveal of an amazing Street Fighter Anniversary Collection. Sakura and other classic characters are coming to Street Fighter V, the beta for Monster Hunter: World is receiving positive feedback, and now Capcom are considering adding some DLC to their titles for free? That's a lot of positives right there.

Monster Hunter: World launches on PS4 and Xbox One on January 26, with a PC version to follow sometime after. The beta is currently underway on PS4, ending December 12.

More monsters coming to Monster Hunter: World after launch [Famitsu]

Monster Hunter: World will get new monsters after release screenshot

: Nominees for Destructoid's Best Xbox One Game of 2017

What a weird year for Xbox, right? The past 12 months were filled with a lot of incredible games, and a bunch of them came to Xbox. But, there's no tiptoeing around the fact that hardly any of them came exclusively to Xbox, which is all that most people really keep tabs on. (Also, ignoring the fact that all Xbox games come to Windows 10 too because that's how the Microsoft ecosystem works now.)

What makes it extra weird is that this was the year of the Xbox One X. The Most Powerful Console Ever launched without a day-and-date exclusive apart from Super Lucky's Tale. It's too bad because the X really is an impressive piece of hardware. It being a non-Gears of War and non-Halo year mixed with that Crackdown delay certainly made Microsoft's release schedule feel sparse.

But also, it's not that sparse -- especially not in recent months. Despite releasing on Steam too, Cuphead was known mostly as an Xbox title. And Xbox will end the year the strongest with the release of PUBG. (If we want to get really petty, we could go full console wars with the realistic prediction that PUBG will sell better on Xbox than anything on our PS4 Game of the Year list.)

Regardless, we're left to mostly look toward multi-platform titles when considering our Xbox Game of the Year. And honestly, that's fine! These were some of our favorite games of 2017 and they shouldn't be denied recognition simply because they launched elsewhere too.

Nominees for Destructoid's Best Xbox One Game of 2017 screenshot


: Hail to the King: Fate/Grand Order VR getting King Arthur DLC

Apparently unsatisfied with consuming battery power of players' phones and the contents of their wallets, the ravening mobage devil that is Fate/Grand Order plans to further devour their whole field of vision, as well, via VR confections.

Indeed, they've just dropped a trailer for an expansion to Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mash Kyrielight. Released for free last week on the Japanse PSN store, the short experience allowed players with PS VR headsets to ogle the game's heroine (and best kouhai) Mash Kyrielight. next year, however, promises a dose of the OG Saberface, as King Arthur herself, Artoria Pendragon - or "Altria Pendragon", going by the rather wooly official translation - takes players on a relaxing VR vacation to what looks like...some house's foyer? Based on the trailer below, the Altria "VR Drama" promises to be a bit more involved, with a voice performance by actress Ayako Kawasumi and a cameo from the Sword of Promised Victory, Excalibur.

As insubstantial (and skeevy) as it was, I'm kind of jazzed to see that they're opting to expand on this experience. With luck, we'll see VR outings with all of FGO's most popular historical spouses, like nine-tailed fox wife Tamamo no Mae, or Cú Chulainn and history's huggiest blue tights.

Hail to the King: Fate/Grand Order VR getting King Arthur DLC screenshot




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