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» [Biz] I like most of Bioware's games, but as a huge fan of Baldur's Gate, I have to say Dragon Age PC is the first release since BG2 that nails it
» [Biz] Wow Uncharted 2 is impressive! Blockbuster story mode and solid multiplayer.
» [Biz] Holy crap there are a lot of games coming out in the next few months!
» [Biz] Watching the Olympics... after all it's some pretty old game design
» [Biz] Cool new nvidia drivers, i hope it fixes the crashes on Conan :(



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Poll: What is your favorite game genre? 
Game Design
Posted by bizfu on Friday, August 22, 2008 @ 12:58:04 PDT (481 reads)
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Announcements: Welcome! 
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Welcome to the new and improved!
Thank you for stopping by.  Please bookmark us and check back often.

Posted by bizfu on Tuesday, May 01, 2007 @ 00:00:00 PDT (997 reads)
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News Feeds


: I really enjoyed reading through Game Informer's exhaustive summary of Destiny's backstory and lore.

I really enjoyed reading through Game Informer's exhaustive summary of Destiny's backstory and lore. I love a good lore recap, and I've recently gotten pretty into reading Destiny's Grimore cards myself. Jaren Ward for president!


: Happy National Burger Day!

: Someone Made A Troll Level In Mario Maker, And Nintendo Actually Promoted It

It's not surprising to see people try to trick other players in Super Mario Maker. I just wasn't expecting Nintendo to give anyone a helping hand in doing it.


: Watch Kirk Play Final Fantasy VI For The Second Time

Last night, Kotaku features editor Kirk Hamilton played through a large chunk of Final Fantasy VI for the first time ever , making his way through the Battle of Narshe. When we last left off, Terra had just turned pink and flown into the sky. What could possibly happen next???


: Twitch Plays Dark Souls continues to make steady progress, having just slain the particularly nasty

Twitch Plays Dark Souls continues to make steady progress, having just slain the particularly nasty Belfry Gargoyles. I may have argued they're cheating at Dark Souls , but it doesn't make their newfound march through the game any less fun to watch.


: Himuoto! Umaru-chan Rolls Out New Screenshots For Her PS Vita Game

When you're not busy taking care of Umaru by giving her chips and cola in her upcoming PS Vita game, you'll get to check out its original story and also get to meet the other characters.

Read Himuoto! Umaru-chan Rolls Out New Screenshots For Her PS Vita Game on Siliconera!

: Ayane From Dead or Alive Is Now Avaiable In Senran Kagura: Estival Versus

Ayane the guest character from the Dead or Alive series is now available for download in Senran Kagura: Estival Versus in Japan. Marvelous provides another look with screenshots and details on pricing.

Read Ayane From Dead or Alive Is Now Avaiable In Senran Kagura: Estival Versus on Siliconera!

: Get a job: Be a Gameplay Programmer at Insomniac Games

The folks who created Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive are aiming to hire a coder to work at Insomniac's Durham, North Carolina studio on a virtual reality project. ...

: Dishonored's Smith: It's not right that 'if you slaughter everybody... you're a hero'

Often discussed is the impact of violent games' on players. Less often discussed is the ultimate strangeness of violent games. In a new interview Harvey Smith tackles the issue. ...

: Report: Rapture would be the UK no. 1, if charts tracked digital

According to a report from MCV, recent digital releases Volume (by Mike Bithell) and The Chinese Room's Everybody's Gone to the Rapture would have hit the UK overall top-10 chart. ...

: This Transformers: Devastation trailer is pure G1 goodness

Based on this video, it looks like Platinum Games really nailed the look and feel of G1 in Transformers: Devastation. Yep, it's important to remember that Platinum is behind this, so in addition to a great looking cartoon brawler, it will probably have a pretty good combat system as well.

I mean, there isn't much more to say than this looks incredible on paper. I hope the finished game ends up meeting my expectations, but so far, so good.

This Transformers: Devastation trailer is pure G1 goodness screenshot

: Pokken Tournament may not be coming to western arcades after all

I haven't been to a Dave & Busters in years, but the rumor that Pokken Tournament may be heading west by way of arcade location tests would have been enough to get me out there. Sadly, it looks like that may not be happening, according to the Pokemon Company's director of consumer marketing, J.C. Smith.

Speaking to Nintendo World Report, Smith responds to whether or not the move was officially organized, stating, "It was not actually. In fact, I haven’t been involved in that, but I’ve been told that the arcade machine is not coming to the U.S., so I don’t know exactly what the plan is. But that was a long while ago, so who knows what may have changed. You know, you can’t stop someone from buying an arcade system so who knows what’s down the road. I haven’t been working closely on the arcade side at all because, really, I never worked on the arcade side but we’ll see. I think that will be handled by Bandai Namco. But I’d have to follow-up with you on that."

So to give you a quick recap, Dave & Busters originally stated that they were working with Bandai Namco, but it appears as if the wires weren't crossed somewhere, and Nintendo/The Pokemon Company aren't directly involved with this western arcade test. We've reached out to all three parties to try to get a full confirmation on the situation.

Pokken is still on track for a western release in 2016 on Wii U.

Pokken Tournament Arcade [Nintendo World Report]

Pokken Tournament may not be coming to western arcades after all screenshot

: Renegade Kid gives us a few updates, Treasurenauts back in development

It's hard to believe that Treasurenauts was announced all the way back in 2013, but here we are over two years later, and still no game. That's because Renegade Kid was sidetracked by a few other projects, but now, they seem to be wrapping up, allowing the team to get back to business.

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge and the Dementium 3DS remake have wrapped, so Treasurenauts is coming back to the forefront of development, as well as a mobile game that will not be appearing on any Nintendo platforms. For an indie outfit Renegade Kid seems to be keeping busy!

Jools Watsham [Twitter]

Renegade Kid gives us a few updates, Treasurenauts back in development screenshot

: Double Fine reveals 'retro-futuristic' metroidvania Headlander

Double Fine Productions rarely retreads ground with its games, so it comes as no surprise that its next big title is not Psychonauts 2 (like it should be) but is instead a 2D adventure about a disembodied head who can attach to and control various robot bodies. When he's not attached to a body, the protagonist head flies around with rockets where his neck would be. Yep, that's the familiar weirdness we've come to expect from Tim Schafer's studio.

In a way, what's shown in the trailer almost reminds me of Stacking, in that the main character can take on different identities and abilities by latching himself onto different bodies. Past that it doesn't look too much like the earlier Double Fine title, with its 1970s-era laser-heavy visuals.

IGN has a brief preview written up about it. Otherwise, check out the trailer below. No platforms have been announced for Headlander yet.

Double Fine reveals 'retro-futuristic' metroidvania Headlander screenshot

: Where is the Until Dawn pre-order DLC? In the middle of the story

Over the past three nights I've watched my lovely boyfriend and our hunky Australian roommate stream Until Dawn and after finishing the game we decided to play the pre-order DLC chapter "The Road Not Taken" only we couldn't find it. Turns out we already had.

After researching online and finding many people were also confused I figured I'd get to the bottom of this and clear up the confusion. The DLC really isn't a standalone chapter, but the final section of chapter two where the new couple Emily and Matt go back to look for her bag after Emily gets into an argument at the cabin. It mostly contains conversations between the couple about their relationship and Emily's past with Mike.

Basically not a whole lot happens, and you're not missing out on much.

Where is the Until Dawn pre-order DLC? In the middle of the story screenshot


: Nextwave Is A Bloody Brilliant Comic Book That Everyone Should Read

While researching my article on Monica Rambeau's unfortunate history, I naturally re-read one of her standout series: Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen's Nextwave: Agents of HATE. It's a comic I already held dear to my heart, but it re-affirmed what I previously thought: It's the most joyful comic Marvel have ever released.


: Ask Dr. Nerdlove: Help, I've Fallen In Love With A Cam Girl

Hello, Internet! Welcome to Ask Dr. NerdLove, the only dating column that was born 500 years ago in the highlands of Scotland.


: The New Turn-Based Lara Croft Game Is Actually Really Good

Five bucks spent and an hour in, I'm having a very good time with Lara Croft GO, the new mobile Tomb Raider spin-off that came out a few hours ago. It's turn-based. It's full of tomb raiding. How about I show you? You'll see some early levels?and a comparison to the very cool precursor Hitman GO?in my 13-minute playthrough above. Enjoy!


: How Japan Censors Until Dawn's Most Disgusting Moment

If you don't play your cards right, lots of people can die in Until Dawn. One such gory finish has been censored in Japan. But rather than modify the game (or death) in any way, the screen just cuts to black while all the nastiness goes down.


: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Pre-Order Deals Compared

The Phantom Pain is out in less than a week with discounts emerging on the PC version and bonus offers for console gamers.

Read Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Pre-Order Deals Compared on Siliconera!



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