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Poll: What is your favorite game genre? 
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Posted by bizfu on Friday, August 22, 2008 @ 12:58:04 PDT (654 reads)
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Posted by bizfu on Tuesday, May 01, 2007 @ 00:00:00 PDT (1164 reads)
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News Feeds


: Real-World Pong Created by Amateur Builders

sproketboy shares this article about a computer graphic designer who spent two years building a real-world version of the classic videogame Pong, played on a full-sized coffee table using only mechanical parts. The project's team apparently used a hard drive platter for the real-world scroll wheels controlling the paddles, aided by some large Arduinos and other homemade electronics (along with rainbow LED lights to create the pixels for the score). "We don't have any electronics, product design, or manufacturing background," Daniel Perdomo told one technology site. "All we knew for this was thanks to the Internet (Google, YouTube, forums). Today you can grab all the knowledge you want just a few clicks away!" He's now looking for a hardware incubator to transform his "Atari Pong Project" into a real consumer product. (Interestingly, another group of hobbyists built a similar electromechanical version of Pong back In 2004.)

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

: Age Of Empires II vs 2016 Physics

That last attempt at an Age of Empires game is not what the people wanted. They want...well, probably something that looks more like this cute little animation by Shankwanger.


: New Pokémon Figures Revealed At This Year's Mega Hobby Expo 2016 Spring

The new figures include Kotoboukiya's Red with Pikachu figure, as well as MegaHouse's Brock, Nurse Joy, and more.

Read New Pokémon Figures Revealed At This Year's Mega Hobby Expo 2016 Spring on Siliconera!

: Uncharted 4 Bug Removes Drake, Got Elena Feelin' A Little Crazy

Remember that invisible lemur bug in Uncharted 4? Turns out it can also affect Drake himself, making one of the game's key early scenes play out a little...differently.


: BlazBlue Revolution Reburning To Release June 8 On Mobile

ActGames Inc. has announced their upcoming mobile fighting game BlazBlue Revolution Reburning will be releasing on June 8th for iOS and Android devices.

Read BlazBlue Revolution Reburning To Release June 8 On Mobile on Siliconera!

: Cheapest Phantom Pain across all platform and more weekend deals

Some decent retail discount are happening this weekend on last year's Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Until tomorrow, Best Buy has the PS4 and Xbox One console versions down to $24.99 which is a new low price. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are also on sale as cheap as $15. On PC, Steam Store has a discount to $27.99 which is bested by DLGamer's $23.99 - this is the second lowest price seen on the September 2015 release.

By most accounts Doom was a refreshing FPS launch this month, and if you were waiting on a discount to jump into the fray, DLGamer is also running 25% off Doom deal, cutting the game to $44.99. This beats out the prices we've seen everywhere else which hovers around 17% to 20% off. If you want a bigger price cut on Doom, check back during Summer Sale to see if it gets a bigger price chop.

Another notable deal in the PC platform this weekend is a 30% off coupon code at Origin. Taking 30% off older games like Mass Effect 3 will not be satisfying, but if you use it on items rarely going on sale such as the Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass (drops to $34.99 after code), then you'll be able to score some decent deals.

Top Deals

Use Code: ORIGIN30

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Accessories & Hardware Deals

Game deals from Dealzon. Sales help support Destructoid.

Cheapest Phantom Pain across all platform and more weekend deals screenshot

: The Week In Games: A Bloody Good Time

As we move further into the hot and empty summer we see less and less big name titles, but still plenty of DLC and indie games. This week we have another expansion to both The Witcher 3 and Hitman. Will you be partaking?


: Kirby: Planet Robobot's New Overview Trailer Shows Off The Game's Features

The overview trailer Nintendo has shared gives us a look at a few of Kirby's 25 abilities, different robot modes, the multiplayer mode "Team Kirby Clash," and more.

Read Kirby: Planet Robobot's New Overview Trailer Shows Off The Game's Features on Siliconera!

: Moon Hunters strikes PS4 on July 12

Moon Hunters is coming to PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe on July 12.

Montréal-based indie studio Kitfox Games released the multiplayer-focused action role-playing game for PC via Steam and back in March after a short delay to improve its online functionality.

The project was funded via Kickstarter in September 2014 to the tune of $178,986 (Canadian).

As for the PlayStation Vita port, Kitfox says it can't commit to a release date at this time.

Moon Hunters Launches on PS4 July 12, 2016 [PlayStation Blog]

Moon Hunters strikes PS4 on July 12 screenshot


: What Video Game Would Actually Make A Good Movie?

Oh dear. Seems video game movies are having a really bad time of it as always as of late. Angry Birds got fried . World of Warcraft and its orcs apparently have no real bite. Ratchet and Clank needed fixing . And I'm running out of even more terrible ideas to use in this word play exercise.


: Today's selection of articles from Kotaku's reader-run community: Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil

: Romancing SaGa 2 Vita localization in the works

The PlayStation Vita version of Romancing SaGa 2 is coming west, according to series creator Akitoshi Kawazu, who tweeted Saturday "we're working [on it] now" and requested that fans be patient.

Earlier in the week, Square Enix released the classic role-playing game outside of Japan for the first time on mobile platforms. It's currently available via the iOS App Store and Google Play for $18.

The PlayStation Vita port released alongside the mobile versions in Japan back in March.

Romancing SaGa 2 is the fifth entry in the SaGa series and originally released for the Super Famicom in December 1993. It follows the story of a monarch and his heirs over the course of several generations.

Akitoshi Kawazu [Twitter]

Romancing SaGa 2 Vita localization in the works screenshot

: The co-designer of Chroma Squad tried to kill Star Vikings but it wouldn't stay dead

[Sup Holmes is a weekly talk show for people that make great video games. It airs live every Sunday afternoon on YouTube, and can be found in podcast form on Libsyn and iTunes.]

Not long ago on Sup Holmes, we were luck to chat with Mark Venturelli, game designer on Chroma Squad and co-creator of truly free-to-play action maze crawler Relic Hunters Zero. We talked about a lot of fun stuff, like how growing up with Brazilian television influenced the development of Chroma Squad, what it was like hearing from Saban lawyers about the game's similarities to Power Rangers, and other things that I'm struggle to remember but I know were great.

The part of our talk that surprised me the most was hearing about the development of Star Vikings, Mark's latest game. It was a concept that he came up with during some down time years ago, though he was never sure that anyone else would like it. The story on how game ended up on Steam Greenlight is pretty inspiring, especially if you're one of those people who struggles to see the value in their own ideas.

Thanks again to Mark for hanging out with us, and be sure to tune in this afternoon at 2:30pm EST when we welcome Eric Blomquist, co-creator of The Song of Seven to the show.

The co-designer of Chroma Squad tried to kill Star Vikings but it wouldn't stay dead screenshot

: PS2 action game Primal returns on PS4 this week

Primal is making a comeback on PlayStation 4 this week.

Sony plans to release an enhanced version of Guerrilla Cambridge's (then SCE Cambridge) 2003 action game -- which stars an increasingly-demonic young woman and her gargoyle pal on a quest to restore order to the universe -- digitally via the PlayStation Store this Tuesday in North America.

While the game probably hasn't aged terribly well, it does feature voice acting from the great Sean Pertwee and was created by the same studio that developed the MediEvil series. Yep!

The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/31/2016 [PlayStation Blog]

PS2 action game Primal returns on PS4 this week screenshot

: 'Don't call it a furry game and I'll be fine' Eric Blomquist, creator of Song of Seven

[Sup Holmes is a weekly talk show for people that make great video games. It airs live every Sunday afternoon on YouTube, and can be found in podcast form on Libsyn and iTunes.]

Today on Sup Holmes! What a cute man! Let's watch him at 2:45pm EST. Sorry we're late! Lets do it!

'Don't call it a furry game and I'll be fine' Eric Blomquist, creator of Song of Seven screenshot

: Gorgeous, Creepy And Brutal. Severed Has It All

The quiet, deliberate piano notes drifting eerily. The desert colorful under the setting sun, with a crescent moon on the rise. The walk to a home in ruins. A girl's intent gaze at her bloodied reflection in a mirror, and the nightmare that follows. All within the first few minutes. Damn. Nicely done, Severed.


: A Super Mario Version Of Uno Is Headed To Japan Next Month

The Mario-themed deck of Uno cards will release in Japan on June 18th and will cost 1,296 yen.

Read A Super Mario Version Of Uno Is Headed To Japan Next Month on Siliconera!

: Biohazard: Umbrella Corps 25% Off Plus $6 Resident Evil 6 for PC

A bunch of Resident Evil titles along with the upcoming Biohazard: Umbrella Corps are on sale this weekend.

Read Biohazard: Umbrella Corps 25% Off Plus $6 Resident Evil 6 for PC on Siliconera!

: Sonic Runners is running out of time

Sega has announced plans to close down Sonic Runners, the first mobile game from Sonic Team.

The company ceased sales of the game's premium currency, Red Star Rings, yesterday, and will close down the rest of the game on July 27 at 9am UTC. Since players will not be able to redeem or use Red Star Rings after that date, Sega suggests using them before then.

"We would like express out most sincere thanks to all our users for their patronage and support," Sega said in a statement. "The Sonic Runners team hopes that you enjoyed the journey as much as we did."

The free-to-play endless runner originally debuted in Japan and Canada on February 25, 2015 before launching worldwide that June. In order to be abandoned just over a year after launch, it seems as though the project must have been a significant disappointment for the brass at Sega.

Notification of closure of service [Sonic Runners]

Sonic Runners is running out of time screenshot

: How To Counter Overwatch's Most Overused Heroes [UPDATED]

If you've spent some serious time with Overwatch you've likely noticed some heroes getting much more play time than others. Whether it's a whole team of Bastions or a single aggravating Widowmaker, not knowing how to counter a character can be frustrating for any player new to Blizzard's team-based shooter.




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